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Akumal Art & Water Community Park

The new Akumal Art & Water Community Park is almost complete! Early 2020, ground was broken on a municipal lot across from the concha and community park in the center of Akumal pueblo. A giant hole was created to prepare for water play fountains...and...the pandemic lockdown halted all work. With additional funding secured, work was resumed in November 2021. As of Fall 2022, final tasks to open the park are underway including new murals by Akumal and nearby artists, curated by project director Jennifer Smith.

Sponsorship for naming benches and perimeter fencing is still open.


Inauguration fiesta dates will be announced soon.

Park Design
Akumal Arts Festival 2018.

Community mural organized by Erin Ko and Paty Fornos.

January 2020
January 2020

Breaking Ground

February 2022

Big hole #2

Lorenzo's Crew
The foundation of Kulkucan
Community Stage
Kulkucan Entrance
Water Park, Community Park, Concha

Gustavio Oviedo Crew

1_3_1 Commission

Gustavo Oviedo

Akumal Artist

Sergio Gamboa

Sergio's Daughter
The Anuki

The Anuki

Dan Q & Byeck

Dan Q & Byeck

Kulkucan mosaic planning


Ron E Styles & Inge

Ron E Styles & Inge

DakPak de Selva

DakPak de Selva



Lluvia Tec & crew

Lluvia Tec & crew

Visionaries - Donors

Jill Safari, The Safari Family Foundation - Founding Sponsor

Deborah Matthews - Turtle Friend Sponsor

Koonce Charitable Trust - Fountain In Memory of Mr. Koonce 

Community Engagement

Tsuuk - Community Stage

Ron & Shari Stern

Edson Munekata (Podosafe Int'l)

Stacy Abelais

Shirley Podoginski

Pamela Schneider

Sheila Donnell


Jim Malone & Mary Sturgeon

Jack & Clare - En memoria de Barbara F. Morkan

Dawn & Gary Holt

Kelly Maher - En memoria de Shirley W. Maher

🐾 NINA @poochfromtulum 🐾

Rich Hill - In Memory of Val Hill

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