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The Akumal Cultural Foundation is the new umbrella for the community work begun in 2018 with the 1st Annual Akumal Arts Festival. Involving local organizations, schools, businesses, and many individuals, the Festival has changed the face, feel, and economics of Akumal pueblo. Integral to the festival, a key partnership with Hekab Be Biblioteca Library & Activity Center created a way to involve every school-age child in Akumal.

More importantly, since that time we all continue to work together to create more enriching experiences for the children and families of Akumal. Benefiting locals and visitors alike, grassroots efforts are supported by people from around the world.


Focusing on developing well-rounded kids, creativity is the basis of many learning experiences. The 501(c)3 US non-profit was created to fundraise for the Hekab Be's continued longevity. Its function is basically fiscal sponsorship.


With that in mind, we have been able to expand the reach of donors' passions to uplift the children and families of the pueblo through both ongoing and new partnerships. Please visit our Community Partners page to learn more.

Some achievements to date:


• In a period of 4 years, we have over 500 murals decorating the pueblo of Akumal, bringing tourists and economic growth to the area. There is now a weekly tour of the murals which gives the history of the installations and further provides economic potential for locally-owned businesses in the pueblo.


• We sponsored our 1st student with a fully paid scholarship to The University of Valladolid to study graphic design. This paves the way for a real future for this student and her extended family.


• In 2020, through a partnership with expat owners in TAO Inspired Living as well as many generous donors making contributions to the library and community center, we helped provide over 450,000 free meals during Covid, when the community were mostly jobless, as 98% of people work in tourism. We kept families in the pueblo fed for 39 straight weeks in 2020.

• At Hekab Be Biblioteca & Activity Center, we’ve conducted extensive renovations to the 35-year-old facility. We have recently built a multi-function concrete court which serves as a soccer field, basketball court, volleyball court, pickleball court, and stage. We have new playground equipment, trampoline, and bicycles.

Photo Polly Dawson

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